autumn reading at ivy

TPC is excited to be back again at Ivy Palace, this time with a one hour poetry reading, Saturday October 13th—for free! Featuring some poets new to our mic, we’ve got fresh verse in store for your fall weekend. Come by and treat yourself. Reading from 8-9, with a special musical guest thereafter.

acid efkt/ taipei poetry collective

TPC is super excited to be a part of ACID EFKT — June 2& 3rd we'll be hosting two four-part poetry writing workshops (for everyone from english language learners and/or poetry novices, to our Collective's more well seasoned writers) along with an additional communal poetry writing workshop; meanwhile, we'll also be running a gratis 6-word-story poetry competition and creating an Exquisite Corpse with everyone who would like to add a line. If you're in Taipei, stop by our table at grassroots

versify videos - three poems

If you weren't at our last Versify II in April, you'll have to wait a bit longer to see what you've missed out on. In the meanwhile, here are the three poems I performed back at our November event. 

purchase taipei poetry collective's e-zine commemorating 'versify ii' 2018

versify ii @ ivy 

Taipei Poetry Collective's leading ladies are at it again, curating an even lusher Versify. On Saturday April 21st, Versify II is just in time for the spring awakening of your senses. Located in the historic Dihua location, Ivy Palace, this one is sure to be an experience. Contact us to pre-order your tickets and/or accompanying zine today. 

featured napowrimo poem

my daily prompt poem, 'caution,' was selected on April 27th — click through or link directly to it here.

napowrimo/glopowrimo 2018

'book of odes' with charlie storrar

On this 10 minute episode of Book of Odes, I came in to talk with Charlie. We discussed my passions and projects, and I read two pieces from my forthcoming chapbook devis(h)er (dancing girl press 2018). 

love poetry reading and candle making collaboration

Taipei Poetry Collective is pumped to be co-hosting this collaborative event on Sunday March 11th. From experiencing the chaotic color and intimacy of Jeona Cubeta's installation on its final day, to playing with wax, to waxing poetic—we've got you covered. Select TPC poets will be reading their renditions of 'love poetry.' Spend your evening with us, and find out how our hearts bleed.

purchase taipei poetry collective's e-zine commemorating 'versify' 

taipei poetry collective presents: versify

Taipei Poetry Collective is hosting our very first event—Versify—on November 25th in Taipei. Curated to feature some of Taiwan’s freshest poetics—come early to take home a copy of our limited edition zine, satiate your tastebuds, and quench your thirst. After our poets have had their way with you, stick around to gyrate to the sounds of DJ Anti Hero and more. 

integrate - featured in krankbrother 'when you're watching me'

Music video featuring 3 dancers during rush hour on the MRT in Taipei. The video depicts people that use the metro on a daily basis. Mundane and diverse, the transportation system carries different kinds of people. It is a place full of movement and energy.

poem begins at 5:07

*please follow to the youtube description for more project information and credit

'found focus poetry'


I've decided to share my poetic urges on IG, as explored through everyday images with that up-close, sub-tropical aesthetic. Digging deep into the mundane to reach some magic.

howl- integrate (live at the ocean home wild market in hualien, taiwan)

Very honored to have my poetry serve as both title and introduction to this killer set! Click through to give your ears some lovin'. Keep up with Howl to guarantee more magic mixes, some of which are also rumored to incorporate my "Integrate" piece.

oomph! opening party

Aside from all the other art and goodies going on at Oomph!'s opening on September 2nd, catch the screening of a fresh video collaboration! Featuring a never before seen/heard poem from myself, along with epic dance moves and visuals from some very talented souls.


Global poetry writers month: write a poem a day in April—prompts optional, but inspiring.

taipei poetry collective

Currently establishing the only Poetry Collective in Taipei, Taiwan—started by women; for all poets.

Get in touch to find out more about workshops and performances.


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