my heart goes out to english literature—

and all its palimpsestic possibilities

 Visual Dialogues IX, Taipei 2016

Visual Dialogues IX, Taipei 2016

I begin to see that woman/
doing things: stirring rice/
ironing a skirt/
typing a manuscript till dawn//
trying to make a call/
from a phonebooth
— Adrienne Rich "Translations"

student/editor/ english, literature  & culture teacher/ poet

During my undergraduate studies I mainly focused on Classical studies, Beat literature, trauma theory, feminism, and intersectionality.

Aside from my love of the written word, I also have a deep-seated interest in Asian cultures, peoples, and spirituality which spurred me to complete various undergrad courses, as well as relocate to the continent.

I am currently pursuing my MA in Literary Linguistics through Nottingham University in the UK, while teaching writing and culture in Taipei.

Editing, poetry, and photography occupy my time when I'm not shifting through the classroom continuum.

I believe my broad scope of interests has helped me to understand the world in a more profound sense; a feeling I am currently challenging and strengthening through teaching, travel, cultural immersion, and more hands-on experience in East Asia.

 Temporary writing haven, Chiang Mai

Temporary writing haven, Chiang Mai


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 Interview/photography/design by  Soviet Droid

Interview/photography/design by Soviet Droid

she was adept at making us feel comfortable in her classroom and was really good at engaging students in meaningful discussions. [s]he took the time to make well-designed, content-rich, pedagogically-sound presentations for the class...interesting and important questions were being asked, thus sparking lively discussions...
— Jasmine Huang, Journalist