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  1. space held and holding

  2. love reciprocated in a spectrum of surprises

  3. trust mounting me to deep rooted subtropical trees

  4. collapsed time,

  5. a steady breeze,

  6. clear shade and sun

  7. fear released—reserved for body + mind in worship

  8. true self-care the only concern

  9. music sustaining,

  10. engaged eyes,

  11. attentive touch

  12. contributing,

  13. cackling,

  14. connecting

  15. safety alone, in two, in a tribe

  16. tastebuds satiated

  17. climaxes uncountable

  18. cool rain right when it’s wanted

  19. the scent of lushness throughout the night

  20. pulchritude in interdimensional waves

how to struggle

in order to completely     survive the day    

untraumatized, erect    associated, whole  

regulated, adjusted      nervous systems intact    

senses processed    

personalized, not taking personal    

mobilized, self-aware

memories always accessible waiting just where they belong

dreams only peppered in unpleasant ‘nightmare’ not in the vernacular

engaged through and throughout but not used up, no never

remember, you may nap

apply unaffordable essentials

to your life, liberally

massage deeply with ring fingers

only, so as to merely surface pat

but assuredly affect change

—this skill may take time

patient communication

forgiveness work in the same safe space

on the cleanest floor

mindful mindful, mind your breath

embrace unwanted change

but remember to change nothing

when mercury

appears to be behaving backwards

stomach in up, shift in your seat

erudite posture, core considerations lovingly

carefully, unrefusingly

recognize your thoughts, acknowledging what comes next

let things go in layers

but don’t let them fall away for sure;

the weather changes frequently, &

who here still believes in time?

unfolding knowingly

gentle, gentle breathing past it

chanting, humming, shuddering’s fine too

respectfully recognize and know your feelings

a soft embodiment of struggle

cotton in your ears a sacral melt before you rest

imagine an egg beneath your neck let incense mingle with your hips

let clog bits uncongeal harshest exhale now out the mouth

soft sight beneath heavy lashes fluttering toward a roll over on your right

up you go



& off to bed,

you’ve reached



—after sylvia plath's 'contusion'


the girths of the seasoned girls hold secrets

bare, oily expositions in subtropical sun

the past's darkening repercussions sub rosa


what was rose swiftly goes to lilac and lost denim,

in a week will be chartreuse, ending in fawn

after manners of the savages, formosa 1928

after manners of the savages, formosa 1928

the whites of your feathers and the roundness of your symmetries

the skyblue adornments as backdrop and accessory,

the thatched dwelling harmonious, linear, with purer purpose


the fresh pink of your crown and the bands at your knees, 

the cheekbones of sepia and the ligaments strong,

the black wraps on your bodies more essence than black sand beneath


the beads of color indicative, long, the clasp to hold longer,

the stripes with intent, stitched for time and its passages,

the feet adapted, the shoulders back, the stares the proudest of all


if these are the manners stamped as savage in sand a century before, how do our

meticulous sound systems,

bamboo attempts at fortitude,

synthetic searches for safety,

frond waving sinews of exhaustion,

feminist proclivities,

widening pupillary ethereality, and

dulled with dirt ersatz adornments

on the gods' manicured hills

have room for the way we choose to bend?

tarot readings & electronic beaches

tarot readings & electronic beaches

substances over substantiality has been for a time

the modus operandi; i draw and select of pentacles—queen,

i enter the sand battling barefooted, searching for my dark woman


there wigged women shuffle black sand toes

knees knifing, elbows bowed against

tautly turning bellies harnessing hope


mostly ignoring rhythmic knowledge, i am found

searching for men with dramatized eyes,

a black night fronds and silver stars aesthetic


i am found beneath a wig, a pretension, and a problem—

the people climb imaginary walls, wriggling for some eyes only, but

compliments from jeweled crown women lull ego to perception


the moths' wings drowned in urine and sweat

bland colored creatures struggle on blue plastic embossment

lest we slip and land on our backs pathetically writhing in tune


and too sand slips from the wide eyed feign’s lamenting hand

i spit small balls of mugwart leaf, blood purging out in retribution

still blinded by sandstorm beards & salt hips covered in patterns saccharine


kisses under cold wet sheets, colder cans, and steaming sweatback creatures

clamor from tent to stage, feral and feeling more and less than they'd bargained for

none of this is real anyway, the placement of beats absorbs our sins


back for more brew, last day, red cup offered to white lost lips

the five point celestial embodiment of purge, except and let go

the garment touting woman isn’t dark enough, yet one must serve as guide