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if only the pink and white translucency wrapped around your soft hands held me instead

if i were bluish green would my feeding off dirt and sunshine concern you gently

if only my hands and feet were soft enough to play along—i can be inviting

if i were rooted grey and thick would my gravity disobey shadows locked in unnecessary skull

if only i could let my body be with you in dayspring unexpectedly

if only i could shake my mind’s nests free before seven a.m. nightmares

if i were to allow my morning mouth to loosen around sounds of insecurity and hope

would the burning scent i initiate instead be so damn enticing

piscis eye trinity

i’ve seen that form before—


it’s a bruise, a black-&-blue...


so intricate;

don’t you see the detail?

no, you can’t—

back of your leg and all,

ahh...i know,

it looks like a Vesica piscis—


i'm telling you, it’s a contusion. it hurts

when i go like this...see?


fresh ink hurts when you dig

your finger in it, too


how could i not know i have a fucking tattoo

on the back of my god-damn thigh?


well, do you remember what gave it to you?


it was a he




i know the hold was startling


     two temperatures at once,

     it slid into a warmth

     i won’t admit to have,

     my stomach scooped at itself

     my toes demanded contraction

     my lips lost all feeling

     my womb was felt

     my eyes went dusky

     and then...

i could see


it’s from in a dream then?


no, it found me in this