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wet behind the ears

living very far away and having resigned herself to certain attributes

of my personality—which are mostly blamed on the poor

conditions of the countries I choose to live in

and/or my father’s side of the family’s genetic

predispositions, she finally instructs over the not so

small phone placed under the only plant

i can really keep alive—bamboo,

if you were wondering: “get it while you can…

your figure,

your brains,

your secretions,

—they all leave you.”

my mother advises, and the support becomes bakhtinian

grotesque in that instant.

i would like to bring this up to the poet women

whom i plan, cackle, dream, and dine with.

instead we like

to talk about how long we can last

until wet

or dry shampoo is in order.


whom are we challenging?

a package

(overdue, but unexpected)

a package

she got yesterday

from the abandoned other,

his heaving misplaced intentions—

now wrapped outside her body,

in faded deconstruction,

stamped, thickened paper sent from germany:

                   ‘he gave me some other

                    girl’s sweater

                   ‘black…two dollars’

their numbers painted on symbolic organ

handmade, he’d added to ambivalent pile;

retribution when watered down and

sent over cosmic salt baths

will never find voice in

her fortress made of brick,

she recycles your cardboard; she

donates uncreased self-help.

some pictures may have been deleted

'that’s the middle of things…right there’ 

trying to take a snap, a video, a token, a story—

i give up as he pauses, makes eye contact

                          a dozen shells of dough flipped in their metal bassinet slash casket

you see? it’s both birth and death,

                          air moving with him stopping constitutes the gap

—but back to bubbling,

                          facing a new side of the circular hell

my pupils large enough to scare each flame lick into submission,

i continue, away

‘you’ll remember, for a little bit at least’ she consoles

yes yes, in media res