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a century’s wisdom locked beneath wrinkled imparted silence,

weakened limbs encased bleak organs,

encased in cold metal bed,

bed pans, sponge baths, motorized assumptions


ambivalence inducing pills suppressing hard-won ideals,

styled in discrimination—

but i was almost too young to not forgive


your sticky whiskers, strawberry jam, 

measuring my growth spurts with your great-grandfather paws,

clenched beneath my chin,

powder blue linen table cloth covered 

in thick plastic 

to protect—

what from whom?


i could sing ‘twinkle, twinkle’ on the rotary

in the dining room,

watching beige striped wallpaper 

peel, at first above

and then below

my sightline


every night there was a phone call from my father,

and following a lean over 

into the sacred

brown, corduroy 



from here you dictated how many bran muffins, 

elucidated agassi’s technique,

questioned why anyone would already need 

to buy a vowel


sought after consolation 

actualizes once repression



breathes past the wheeze,

still echoing in younger ears.