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an impossible note

dear mizz,


i couldn’t possibly say this to your face

and i surely won’t allow this to slip

under your doorway, or into your slot

amongst the peekable bills and tossable promises

piled thicker than your warn out entryway mat

ever was


i found a space on this green colored page

and realized this green is of the depth and verve

that you would ascribe to deadened potted plants

—not one to embrace, coil into your afghan

too vibrant to match, too dull to replace


conscious of the aforementioned

(pragmatic and aesthetic)


i abrogate all words at my disposal;

in their place, i re-inscribe:

walaaaaaah, oueeeeeee, tarcon, zchte azchte, umpa diefor ay


decode me as you always have,

name me as you once did