bull rising over new york city blizzard

water bearer, water

broken month too late—

doubly stubborn before born;

her mother cradles her here

in what was then the master room;

it would be years before she’s back

to claim as a room of her own

borrowed pages stuffed down

to root of the girl’s hated

belly, loved occasionally

only with the mistaken notion

one day it would be

more misshapenly destroyed—

she lies in floral sheets with tales

of other rooms

unsure ceiling fan, phone

cord wound tighter than

her new breaths—

the boy’s voice guides

her hand;

now she'll never need

anyone again

searching in lavender scented


for a word to exclaim in

another flimsy diary—

if all her letters

look like bubbles

set to burst

can she hide in iridescence?

lightness, where gravity

could distinguish soap stains

from the tears?

the scrambled tv set

prepares her for positions

she knows she can

exert her powers in such


mute words to learn

in spite of the static

mute movements bare

in spaces

yet unseen