spine protruding bladder filled with cheap thick wine,

tongue coated with synthetic silken culprit too,

cotton inhalations cupped in throat and swallowed whole

pushing emptier air above overly filled bladder to hastening largenesses within


grumbling is an overused word for first world pangs—our hunger

is a mustard flower patterned paper

mass produced and spoilt

it's edges have shameful yellower peels,

attuned to internal throbs

the scant sound of textured fingerpicks

heighten in each of the canals

and we name it starving


shedding ovarian lining (falsely) is achievable—

the one thing done on time;

index fingers finds damp sought string and conducts it to thumb

for removal and inspection


it flutters from tactile rejection and an awareness of the body

as oil slicked in burgundy scented warmth the genetically manipulated flash frozen one hundred forty calorie convenient store chicken skewer tidbit had entered tinted teeth only moments before




masticating still by the time the ten meters were shuffled to bathroom

masticating still by the time the finger fluttered on sought string

masticating still by the time the lid of the small bin swung inward to reach soiled tissue paper resistance

masticating still by the time more tissue has been soiled with musk mist menses

swallowing more than cotton

and stuffing what seems as cotton

back where the problems began

my, how it’s cyclical

false vibrations sent out into air, faux fibers, and fake red