1.     S/subject

of oneself and other,

assertive, non-essentialist,

screaming from the center


2.     seven eighths of this

polarized notion of gender

sitting on an asian city’s

afternoon bus


3.     at least two arches,

hidden in sensible shoes

—evenings and weekends notwithstanding


4.     wrapped up in insecurity: incredulity,

cold appendages apologized for,

as if verbal acknowledgment combats perceived weakness


5.     propped up, heavy lidded

by potions over- taxed or prescribed

fetal positions, heating pads, menstruation cups

having been kept, closeted, or proudly asserted

still point back to the power of such pain


6-11.     inhaling fumes, leaving streaks of color

—possible settings: salon, boudoir, spa, studio, stage


12.     dreamt of mesmerizing spiders, in all black attire,

wake up choking on: intellectual, successful, witty, sensitive, sexual, tidy, maternal, calm…


13.     ambition. personified.